Finishes our Tuesday and Thursday 5:30p alternating:

Sep 4 at Penn at 5:30p
Sep 6 at Drexel at 5:30p

Starts our Sunday and Tuesday alternating (Sun at 1:30p & Tue at 5:30p):

Sun, Sep 9 & Tue, Sep 11 at Penn
Sun, Sep 16 & Tue, Sep 18 at Drexel
Sun, Sep 23 & Tue, Sep 25 at Penn
Sun, Sep 30 & Tue, Oct 2 at Drexel
Sun, Oct 7 & Tue, Oct 9 at Penn
Sun, Oct 14 & Tue, Oct 16 at Drexel
Oct 20-21 see PRTC Super 32 Camp below
Tue, Oct 23 at Penn
Sun, Oct 28 & Tue, Oct 30 at Drexel
Sun, Nov 4 & Tue, Nov 6 at Penn
Sun, Nov 11 & Tue, Nov 13 at Drexel
* After Nov 13, PRTC practices for Cadets and Juniors end until April 2019
Sun, Nov 18 – Free clinic at The Keystone Classic at Penn for all kids who have bought a ticket to Keystone (time TBD)

PRTC Super 32 Camp:

Sat, Oct 20 at Penn from 10a-12p & 2-4p
Sun, Oct 21 at Penn from 9-11a & 1:30-3:30p

Directions & Parking

For directions to Penn and Drexel training facilities, click here.

Training with PRTC

The Pennsylvania RTC (PRTC) is open to wrestlers, aged 9th grade or higher, who desire to train in Freestyle and/or Greco Roman wrestling. You will have access to the best high school wrestlers in within 250 mile radius as well as PRTC Senior Level athletes. All athletes must meet USA Wrestling RTC minimum qualification criteria.

Contact us if you or your athlete would like to train with us. Athletes who qualify will need to fill out the PRTC Athlete Participation Form.

Media Center

Check out our ever expanding library of technique videos in our Media Center. You’ll learn from B.J. Futrell, Chase Pami, Dan Vallimont, Richard Perry, Josh Dziewa, Coach Slay, as well as some of the best wrestlers in the world like Kyle Snyder and Jordan Burroughs. We look forward to serving you with this valuable resource so you can continue to learn from the PRTC.

Internationally, the area of Dagestan in Russia is considered the hot bed of wrestling on the globe.  The area within a 250 miles radius of Philadelphia should be considered to be the hot bed of wrestling in the United States. Five of our eight Senior World Team members from 2015 grew up wrestling within 250 miles of Philadelphia (Green, Burroughs, Herbert, Snyder, and Rey). Burroughs and Snyder were World Champions, and Green was a Bronze Medalist. In addition to our Senior Level success, the future looks equally as promising. In fact, the Philadelphia Metro Area (Area XI) youth outpaced all other areas in the state at this year's state championships placing 44 to the next closest 31. I believe the PRTC is located in arguably the best youth and high school wrestling area in the nation, and I'm very excited to begin contributing and serving these future World and Olympic Champions and their coaches.      

Brandon Slay
  • Executive Director & Head Coach PRTC
  • Olympic Gold Medalist
  • US Open Champion & OW
  • 2X NCAA Finalist
  • USA Olympic Coach