Mark Hall

Mark Hall

79/86 kg, PRTC

Mark Hall is known as one of the most winning wrestlers to come out of the state of Minnesota and brings a highly decorated resume along with international experience to the PRTC. Hall has been dominant at every stage of his career winning six individual & team state titles while in high school, multiple age group world titles (while coached under Coach Slay), an NCAA title, and much more. Mark’s accomplishments include:

6x Minnesota State Champion (individual)
6x Minnesota State Champions (team)
2016 – #1 College Wrestling Recruit
2017 – NCAA Champion
3x NCAA Finalist
3x Big 10 Champion
2014 – Cadet World Champion
2016 – Junior World Champion
2017 – Junior World Champion
2018 – Pan Americans Champion
2021 – US Senior Nationals Champion

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